2022 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Thursday May 19, 2022 

Chair: Kin Jordan Sousa

Attendance: Kin Duane, Nick, Tracey, Joe

Call to Order: 18:45

Guest: Bill Brown

Oh Canada: Kin Joe

Toast: Past President Nick

Kin Grace: Kin Duane

Address to the Chair: President Jordan and Fellow Kin

Sergeant at Arms: Kin Nick

Reading/Approval of Minutes of previous General Meeting: Passed

Topics of Discussion:

1. South Side Shuffle : No information forwarded from Deb Corpe

2. Meeting hall: Waiting on info to access the hall. Kin Don informed that it may be February 2023 tentative  due to restorations.

3. CF Ride: Ride to be held at the Township of Amaranth Recreation Hall, 

374020 6 Line Laurel Ontario, L0N-1L0 Saturday June 25, 2022.

4. Flying Club BBQ: Kin Bill to update. Prices have been set at: Pop or Water $1.00, Hot Dog and Pop $3.00 and Hamburger and Pop $5.00 with and possibility of Frezzies for $1.00. Mustard, Ketchup, Relish Buns, Pop, Water and Ice. Due to preventive measures from COVD we will apply the condiments using the necessary protective equipment. We will have Hot Water, Gloves, Soap and Sanitizer for both volunteers and customers.


Kin Jordon nominated for President, Seconded by Kin Nick, motioned carried.

Kin Nick nominated for Vice President, Seconded by Kin Duane, motioned carried.

Kin Ben nominated for Director, Seconded by Kin Jordon, motion carried.

Kin Joe nominated for Secretary, Seconded by KinTracey, motioned carried.

Kin Duane nominated for  Registrar, Seconded by Kin Joe, motion carried.

Kin Tracey nominated for Treasurer, Seconded by Kin Ben, motion carried.

Kin Don remains as House of Order Chairman, House Rules and City liassion.

Old Business:

New Business:

Miscellaneous Reports and Other Business:

SGT at Arms Report: $0.00

Treasurers Report: Same as last posted

Registrars Report: 6/8 = 75%

Good of Kin:

Adjourn: 20:15

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